What is parlay betting?

With a parlay, you are essentially betting on the outcome of other games. If your favourite team loses but wins two or three more matches then they can win back their losses with this strategy!

Betting on parlays is a great way to maximize your bets and get paid off if you’re accurate enough with the selection. You can choose from moneylines, point spreads or even over/under for this type of wager which means that there’s no excuse too!

What is parlay betting?

Reasons to include parlay bets in your football betting strategy Parlay odds are calculated differently than single bet odds, so it’s important for bettors who want the best possible chance at winning money. Our page will cover everything you need to know about these unique types of wagers with an explanation video that shows viewers how they work!

How parlay odds are calculated

With decimal odds, which is the most common format in Canada and subject to province-specific regulations like Ontario where it’s illegal without a minimum bettor can deposit only CAD 10 at the time of registration for example; parlay bets are calculated by multiplying all selections’ odds together with how much you’re willing put down as your wager. For our six-game NHL moneyline page follow this format: In short – if there were six games on offer with perfect scores going forward then each one would need its separate line item under “Parlay” creating ten total lines instead five (5) single ones like below.

  • Ottawa Senators 1.70
  • Vancouver Canucks 1.30
  • Boston Bruins 1.30
  • Los Angeles Kings 1.45
  • Columbus Blue Jackets 1.60
  • Winnipeg Jets 1.85

Now you’re looking at a payout of over 123 dollars should your bets win! The best part is that it only takes one bet to achieve this. All we need are those odds – which are currently low because the teams themselves don’t think they’ll lose anyway so their betting lines will stay open wide just for us punters who want some good value.

What is parlay betting?

The odds of successfully predicting the outcome are against you, but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible. Play around with our parlay calculator below to find out more combinations and potential winnings (you can also convert these bets into American or British moneyline). You’ll need to calculate your total bet value and then enter it into the ‘Odds box for an accurate prediction! A few simple math operations will give us what we want: 1) multiplies each separate wager by its respective return percentage 2) adds up all those numbers together, 3) divides sequentially dividing.