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Five Things That Are Wrong With Your Home Air Conditioners

Five Things That Are Wrong With Your Home Air Conditioners

Air conditioner repairs are processes that are bound to happen at some point in time. Even if you buy a brand new unit, your air conditioner may decide to get wacky one day. You may notice that your air conditioner is:

1. Not Turning on at All

Beleive it or not, many AC owners have issues with their units not turning on. The most common cause of this problem is a bad connection. Check the cord to see that it’s plugged in all the way. Look for rips or tears in the cord. Check your fuses and make sure that the outlet that you’re using is working, as well.

2. Just Breaking Wind

Air conditioning units don’t actually break wind, but they do make some strange sounds sometimes. Gurgling, squealing, grinding and other sounds that aren’t the usual AC hum can indicate internal damage. You may have issues with components like belts and compressors.

3. Just Blowing Hot Air

You may turn your unit on one hot afternoon and be disappointed to find that you have absolutely no cold air coming out of it. That issue could be caused by a lack of refrigerant or clogged air filter. Your unit may need a good cleaning or a refill.

4. Accumulating Icicles

Icicles are interesting sights to see on an AC unit, but in no way are they signs of a good thing. In fact, they can indicate one or several problems. Some of the main reasons that ice may be forming on your unit are thermostat malfunctions, fan motor problems, poor airflow and more. You will need to call a professional who can do air conditioner repairs Newmarket because there are so many possibilities as to what is causing the problem in your unit.

5. Releasing Unpleasant Fumes

One of the worst things that can occur in your AC unit is the release of foul air. Bad smells usually come from mold and mildew that has formed itself inside of the AC unit. Your drain pan may be full or overflowing. Your coils or filters could be dirty, as well. Another problem that can cause the issue is something gone awry in the infiltration system. You should turn your AC unit off and have it checked out. Do not continue to use it if it is blowing smelly air at you.

Specialists can come to you and offer you some reasonable AC repairs. They can diagnose the issues and then make suggestions about what they can do to fix it for you. It would be wise not to try to fix it yourself because you want to make sure that the repair is right the first time and doesn’t need a repeat. Call today to get an estimate.

Some of the Strangest Things Found in Home Plumbing

Some of the Strangest Things Found in Home Plumbing

When you think of clogged drains, the first thing that comes to mind is hair and soap scum. Not many people would consider amphibians or snakes when trying to figure out what’s blocking the water flow but, surprisingly, these critters can find their way into home plumbing. Here are some simple precautions to prevent this from happening in your home.


It only makes sense that amphibians would be attracted to your drain pipes. After all, they need constant moisture to survive. Sometimes frogs can slip through cracks in drain pipes, and other times they fall into plumbing vent pipes. If they are flushed out of a toilet drain, they’ll simply make their way back in time.

Finding frogs and other amphibious creatures in the plumbing is a fairly common occurrence in tropical and sub-tropical areas when the dry season hits. There’s only one way to get rid of the nuisance without making a dent in the native amphibious life. First, the environmentally conscious resident will provide an alternative such as a man-made pond in the backyard.

Next, any creatures living in the pipes need to be removed, either by hand or by calling in a plumber Ajax. Once the pipes have been cleared of the amphibious squatters, any drain vents or other openings can be protected against reentry. The best way to do this is to cover them with wire mesh that allows air flow while keeping out unwanted guests.


For some people, the very idea of a snake sends chills down their spines. Imagine finding one in your toilet bowl! Believe it or not, this very thing has happened a few times. Like amphibians, snakes can find their way into the pipes through cracks or vent openings. It doesn’t help that the cool, dark area below a house is an attractive resting place for a snake during the day.

Garter snakes are common throughout the United States, and they’re actually useful reptiles that help keep the rodent population in check. That doesn’t make them welcome in our drains, however. Some plumber’s tips for avoiding the problem in the first place are:

  • Check that there are no unwelcome guests in the crawlspace underneath your home, then cover any openings with wire mesh.
  • Keep bushes trimmed and leave one foot of space between shrubbery and the house.
  • Mow the grass regularly and don’t leave piles of debris in the yard. This will cut down on hiding places for snakes.

City water and sewer infrastructure has screens and other devices to keep animals and debris from entering the water system. The usual point of entry is located at an individual home, and following these tips will make the chances almost non-existent that you’ll find a snake in your sink or a frog in your toilet!

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Hardwood Floor for your Home

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Hardwood Floor for your Home

Apart from being comfortable and durable, hardwood floors are surprisingly affordable. Additionally, no flooring option compares to the warmth and character of your hardwood flooring. As such, considering the benefits of wood is in your best interest when thinking of a new floor. With the current availability of a wide variety of woods, colors, and stains, shopping for a preferred type of hardwood flooring might be overwhelming. However, you can choose the most suitable hardwood floor for your home if you keep the following in mind.

Type of wood flooring
Engineered and solid hardwood floors are the two primary types of wood flooring currently available. While both types provide equal beauty, their main difference lies in the composition of the floor. Solid wood flooring needs to be installed above grade since it is subject to contraction and expansion according to the level of humidity. Because the multi-ply construction of engineered flooring makes it more stable, you can install it on any level of your home. As such, engineered hardwood flooring is perfect for bathrooms and basements, areas that are notorious for moisture and dampness issues.

Wood species
Although a wide variety of woods are used for flooring purposes, some are harder and more durable than others. When shopping for hardwood floors, most homeowners are concerned with the everyday wear and tear. In general, the harder the wood species, the longer it will last if installed in high-traffic areas. In the United States, Red Oak is the benchmark for hardness. White and Red Oak are the most commonly used wood species when it comes to flooring. However, Walnut, which is softer than Oak, as well as Maple and Hickory, both harder, are also quite popular.

Color, grain, and appearance
Selecting an option that matches a particular décor is relatively easy since wood floors come in a variety of species, styles, and finishes. For instance, wide plank hardwood floors featuring a distressed appearance and highly defined grains are a good fit for country-style interiors while Maple, Oak, or Walnut floors that are 21/4 to 31/4 inches thick can ideally complement traditional interiors. Depending on the stain or finish, you can use virtually any kind of wood in a contemporary setting. Whitewash, pewter, or dark charcoal finishes can transform almost every species into a modern masterpiece.

Cost and installation
The cost of your hardwood flooring Toronto will mostly be determined by the type of wood, species, and finish used. While solid prefinished wood floors generally run from $2.49-12.69 per square foot, the price of engineered prefinished wood floors will often range from $1.69-8.79. Although it will usually depend on the type of installation and flooring you choose for your home, an average installation will cost approximately half the floor’s purchase price.

Should You File a Personal Injury Claim?

Should You File a Personal Injury Claim?

Sitting at a red light in traffic, you are suddenly hit hard from behind. A midsize sedan has crashed into your rear bumper. Shocked, you see the driver of the other car jump out her door and rush toward your window. Unrolling it, you listen as she tearfully apologizes and takes out her checkbook, offering you $1,000 to settle the damages. Getting out, you see your rear bumper loose and dangling with a dent about a foot in diameter. Realizing you were thrown forward by the impact, you feel a bit dizzy. The woman is looking earnestly at you, hoping to avoid an insurance hike on her policy if the accident is reported.

Should you settle now?

You are not sure of the implications because you have never been in a car accident before. You’ve heard people can have injuries that don’t show up for days. You don’t think your accident was serious, but you were taken by surprise and thrust forward.

Politely you explain a police report is needed to clarify the situation. You will stop by an urgent care center to be checked out. Crestfallen, the woman nods and gets back in her car to wait for the police that you are dialing on your cell phone. When the officer arrives, you and the other driver provide details for the report, and you accept the woman’s name and phone number in case you decide to settle with her over the next few days.

Obtain medical evaluation.

The urgent care doctor examines you and says you might have whiplash and a concussion. You are advised to follow up with your regular doctor. Your car is damaged and shouldn’t be driven. Your injuries seem to be minor, and yet their nature is unclear. You decide to contact your family attorney, who advises you to see your regular doctor.

The doctor examines you within a few days and confirms suspicions of concussion and whiplash. You are sent for a CT scan and neck x-rays. The doctor recommends you take a few days off work to rest and see if other symptoms develop. You arrange a loaner car while your vehicle is repaired.

Complications can arise over time.

Everything is shaping up to the point where it appears there could be personal injury lawyer Toronto damages worth far more than $1,000. Your attorney advises you to continue collecting information from your doctor and the car mechanic. Within a few days, expenses have mounted to nearly $3,000. You decide to file a claim, and your attorney agrees to represent you.

Filing a personal injury claim is not easy. Often, medical diagnosis, lost wages, and car repairs help to clarify any losses attributable to the accident. If in doubt, contact a personal injury attorney for guidance.

Discover what makes a great workshop building [Video Transcript]

Discover what makes a great workshop building [Video Transcript]

Hello, I’m Peter Lovegrove from DPL Steel Buildings. I’d like to show you around some of the buildings we’ve got at our show site. This one behind me is an American barn style building. You’ll see it’s got the raised feature in the middle. We can design and build whatever you require. It could be a single span mono-pitch or like this with a higher centerpiece. They can be built to whatever the size you like. Let’s look at a few of the details on this building.

If you just have a look at the gutter here. This is a pressed steel gutter, which is plastic coated and it gives a long design life and maintenance free. On here, we have single skin, box profile sheeting, which is a galvanized product and then coated with plastic coating. Again, for giving long life. There is a guarantee of up to 35 years on these. The screws we use are a molded plastic cover, which prevents them popping off and again, adds to the longevity and the good looks of the building.

You’ll see here we have a contrasting colored [inaudible 01:19] flashing, which you can have either matching to the color of your choice or contrasted like this is. We spend a lot of attention to detail when they’re being fitted because you’ll see all the screws are evenly spaced. There’s a nice finish and long life and weatherproof. The concrete base that this is sitting on is raised above finished floor level and the outer sheet runs past the concrete to prevent water from running in off the ground.

We’ll just take a look inside now, if you’ll follow me. Just before we go in, you’ll see this is our standard door. It’s a very secure door with 10-point bolted locking and a double lock on the cage. Very solid, strong, secure door. Inside here you’ll see the posts. Again, galvanized steel. Very strong. The rail, also galvanized. It’s very long life and it shouldn’t give you any problems and it’s maintenance free.

These buildings are designed by Capital Steel Buildings and they’re tested for strength and economy at Strathclyde University. You’ll see these [comps 02:41] brackets, unique to Capital Steel Buildings. They’re very, very strong. They’ve been tested to destruction, so they are proved to be very strong. Over here, you’ll see we have an electric roller-shutter door if you’re feeling a bit lazy. I’ll just operate that for you on a press button. It goes up as easy as that. I won’t go all the way up, so I’ll stop it. Then it will go down. I made that look easy.

Okay, so now we’ll just explain a little bit about the roof. Here we have, you’ll see long skylights let in plenty of light. You can have as many of those as you like. The roof sheeting is covered with an anti-condensation layer, which reduces the amount of moisture that’s built up, especially on a single skin ceiling. Okay, we’ll have a look at the other buildings. If you’re interested in steel buildings, visit to learn more.

Tips to keep your kids safe at summer camp [Video Transcript]

Tips to keep your kids safe at summer camp [Video Transcript]

Female: As the school year draws to a close, now is the time for you to register your child for summer camp.

Male: Of course, a lot of classes to choose from. You need to make sure you know the questions to ask before you enroll as well. News Channel Five Christina Noce has your back this morning. Live in West Palm Beach with some warning signs to look out for. Christina.

Christina: Hey Mike, Ashley, good morning. There’s tons of Toronto summer camps that you can choose from. Some are more educational and some are more active. Active is really good, what a lot of parents are looking for with their child. Here at Gymnastics Revolution, we’re going to do some flips for your this morning. There are some more advanced things that I haven’t done in years, that I could probably do, but I know what my limits are. That’s kind of a big safety thing that coach Darian is going to do with the kids here. They kind of know their progression and they’re not going to force them to do something that they’re not comfortable with. We’re going to do something quick that he’s been showing me this morning. Hitting the trampoline first, right? And then tucking? Okay?

Darian: With your seat, drop on the ground just like this.

Christina: Okay.

Darian: Then you bounce up and you jump up.

Christina: All right, here we go.

Darian: Drop, and [inaudible 00:00:57]. Very good.

Christina: All right. That’s kind of a safety that we did this morning. Let’s talk about safety tips for you and for your child, when you’re going to be enrolling them in a summer camp, to look out for. Make sure that the summer camp is accredited and fully insured. That is something that you can easily find online, just by making a few calls. Make sure they’re CPR trained. That they have background checks done. Ask how fast they’re going to progress your child in whatever that they’re doing. Will the camp be driving your child anywhere? The owner of Gymnastics Revolution says they take a lot of safety precautions at their gym.

David: Here, all of our coaches are certified. They’re USAG-certified. Background checked. What that means is they’re taught proper progressions.

Christina: Basically that means you’re child won’t come here on day one, and be doing the flips that we’re doing. They’re going to progress them easily. They also have two to three people at every time that are CPR trained and have a direct button to fire and rescue. Maybe by the end of the summer, you can start doing something a little more cool, by the end of the camp. Reporting live from West Palm Beach this morning, Christina Noce. WPTV, news channel five.

To understand more about summer camp certifications or if you have any concerns or questions, please contact:
Camp White Pine Summer Camps
40 Lawrence Ave W
Toronto, ON M5M 1A4
(416) 322-6250

Why Employees Love Catering

Why Employees Love Catering

It’s no secret that meetings, conferences, and team building events are more appealing to employees when food is involved. A sense of community is created when co-workers and leaders gather around an offering of refreshments prepared by a catering service. Talent retention, increased productivity, improved morale, multi-tasking and recognition are just a few of the benefits associated with using this winning strategy to grow a business and keep employees happy.

Talent Retention

Attracting and retaining top talent is a priority for many of today’s companies. Google has set a high bar for providing unconventional employee perks. They have managed to attract and retain some of the brightest tech talent in the industry with free employee meals, juice bars and coffee bars. Regularly catered events give employees something to look forward to in the workplace. The costs associated with catering are an investment in finding and keeping employees capable of considerable contributions.

Increased Productivity

School children aren’t the only ones who benefit from nourishment and breaks. These are well-known keys to sustaining energy and concentration. A selection of healthy snacks and a short break following a meeting are excellent ways to promote these foundations of productivity. Employees feel satisfied after a productive day at work.

Improved Morale

A catered team-building event fuels enthusiasm for company goals and achievements. The inclusion of food creates a sense of relaxation and comfort. Employees appreciate a work environment supportive of their well-being. A selection of catered refreshments is also an effective way to provide motivation when things aren’t going smoothly.


How many times have we all felt there weren’t enough hours in a work day to accomplish everything in front of us? Combining business and food has been a long-standing tradition for a reason. It’s a way to continue moving forward with discussions while enjoying a meal or snack. Catering services Dundas Ontario are experts at creating just this type of environment. No one loses time away from work when food is catered into the workplace. Employees are relieved of stress related to getting behind schedule with tasks waiting for them to complete.


Celebrating employee achievements and milestones with the help of a catering service fosters a sense of belonging in the workplace. Everyone enjoys being remembered and acknowledged. A simple monthly celebration for employee birthdays, company picnics and employee parties go a long way in showing employees how much they are appreciated.

What You Should Do If You Experienced Injury Due To A Defective Product

What You Should Do If You Experienced Injury Due To A Defective Product

Product liability claims are different from a standard personal injury claim because the specific test to substantiate a claim differs slightly. In most claims, a plaintiff personal injury lawyer is not required to prove that the manufacturer was negligent in the action that created the injury, as product manufacturers are held to strict liability when they put their wares on the market. Even if the manufacturer was not aware of the defect in the product, they are still liable for the products they sell in terms of consumer protection. That is why we see directions for use on all products that are intended to communicate a potential danger to the customer when the product is not used as directed. Claims of improper use are common when a manufacturer is defending a personal injury case, as personal assumption of risk is how comparative negligence is addressed in a product liability filing. Even though proving negligence is not a requirement, a product liability injury case can still be a challenging legal process.

The product must be proven defective

Products can be proven to be defective in a variety of ways. Instead of focusing on negligence in the case, your personal injury lawyer Toronto will focus on the operational ability of the product. This means that there will be evidence indicating how the product is designed to work properly, and then there will be evidence that shows the product did not operate as intended, resulting in the injury. Sometimes products fail to function as designed for a specific purpose, while others malfunction instead of operate properly. Your attorney must prove this defect. This can also be accomplished through manufacturing documentation or the fact that there may have been other legal claims for the same defect. This is especially applicable when the product is already on a recall list.

Your attorney must prove you were injured directly due to the product malfunction

You will need medical evidence that medical treatment was required in a timely immediately following the injury, so it is vital to your claim that you seek medical attention immediately. The medical report will include a diagnosis and a prognosis for how long the injury will last, plus information concerning how much damage was done due to the product. In addition, some injuries result in long-term medical problems that can be identified with medical documentation as well when a doctor issues an opinion. Doctors are considered expert witnesses by the court, but the defendant can also request a second counter opinion. It is very important to attend all scheduled medical appointments.

Always get an experienced personal injury lawyer

Product liability claims are always defended strongly unless the product has a known history of functional problems or dangerous conditions. Vehicle parts are a prime example of products that are commonly found on a recall list. But, isolated injury cases can be complicated when your legal counsel attempts to connect use of the product to the injury while the defense is using every legal angle at their disposal to at least lessen the amount of a settlement. Always get an aggressive lawyer who understands how product liability cases should be handled.

How Seniors Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

How Seniors Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Older people often suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain. Pain is usually considered a part of growing older, and an individual may not realize how severely range of motion has become limited due to increased pain and stiffness.
Chiropractic care is one of the most effective and safe forms of non-invasive healthcare treatment for pain and other disorders of aging.
If ordered by a physician, Medicare Part B will cover specific chiropractic treatments.

Why is chiropractic care important for those who are growing older?
As we age, changes are most prominent in the spinal area. The joints and discs become drier and less flexible. Tissue and muscle becomes weaker and less able to respond to the challenge of daily life. Spinal degeneration begins, and arthritis becomes painful. Very gradually, a person can become locked into a stiff, slow version of his/her former self.

What can the chiropractor do to relieve the stress of an aging spine?
Chiropractic today is very knowledgeable about spinal aging and the gradual dysfunction and abnormal posture that is inherent in that. A chiropractor Newmarket will use a safe, non-invasive plan of gentle adjustment.
Spinal discs and joints receive nourishment and fluids through movement. Simple therapy providing a stretching regime encourages mobility.
When the body is relieved of stiffness and strengthened, some of the major disability of aging is reduced or disappears.

What are some of the immediate benefits of chiropractic care for seniors?
Seniors increase balance and coordination with chiropractic therapy, reducing traumatic falls. Arthritis pain is lessened, and a person experiences a positive feeling of well-being.
An important component of chiropractic therapy is alignment of the spine. Many seniors have rounded posture due to low muscle strength or kyphosis. Kyphosis is more than a disfigurement. This serious forward bend in the spine can suppress oxygen levels. Chiropractic therapy is an important alternative to surgery or drugs in the management of age-related spinal conditions.

In fact, in an evaluated health status of 414 elderly persons aged 80, less than five percent who used chiropractic services entered nursing home care within a three-year followup, and 48 percent of those not associated with chiropractic care entered nursing homes within the same period.

Balance of the nervous system.
People suffering from stiffness and pain are often tense and anxious. Chiropractic techniques can do much to eliminate the stored stress that older people often live with.
When people are free from the stress of pain and stiffness, it is much easier to simply enjoy life.
Older people benefit greatly from the gentle adjustments and realignments of chiropractic services.

How To Prepare Your Child For A Trip To The Dentist

How To Prepare Your Child For A Trip To The Dentist

A trip to the dentist can seem like a scary event for a child, especially if they don’t know what to expect. Proper preparation can set your child up for a successful visit and can make future visits a positive experience. Educating your child through your dental visit, role playing, and reading books together can help alleviate fears.

Let Your Child Watch

Before a visit to the Oshawa dentist, your child may wonder is it going to hurt? What will happen? What if I don’t want to let them look at my teeth? A good way to make your child more comfortable is to take him along with you to a dental appointment.

During your visit, he will get to see how the office looks, sounds, and smells. Letting him see you get your teeth checked and cleaned can let him know what to expect and see exactly what is going to happen at his appointment. He’ll be able to see the instruments and meet people that work at the office, which will let him see that these people are not to be feared.

Role Playing

Children learn through play. Playing dentist together can let him explore his fears. You can first pretend to examine your child’s doll. Show him how the teeth will be counted, brushed and flossed. Depending on your child’s age, you may want to begin talking about ‘sugar’ bugs and how to keep them away.

On the next patient, let your child be in charge. How he speaks to the ‘patient’ and handles the unknown will give you good insight into his state of mind. If he is reassuring the patient and using a calm voice, you will know he is creating a positive image of the dentist’s office.

Read Books Together

Sitting down together to read a book not only provides time for family bonding but also opens the door for discussions about expectations and how to behave. There are all kinds of children’s books about the anatomy of teeth, how to keep them healthy, and proper dental care.

Books like Open Wide by Laurie Keller and Melvin the Magnificent Molar by Laura Jana can educate your child and open a dialogue between the two of you. Children often feel fear but don’t know how to express it. Books give them a chance to see characters that are similar to them and have similar feelings, giving your child a context in which to express their worries.

Confidence and Reassurance

The more your child knows, the less fear he will experience. He can walk into his dental appointment with confidence knowing what to expect and what is expected of him.